McCord Hospital Siyaphila HIV Clinic – Sponsor A Bed For A Day

Durban, South Africa  October 2 March 2008

McCord Hospital in Durban, South Africa, invites the public to make a significant difference in assisting recovering patients without financial means, by sponsoring one or more “bed days” at their Siyaphila (“We’re good”) Clinic thereby ensuring the patient has access to this remarkable facility.

Siyaphila offers “step-down care” for HIV patients, serving as a halfway house between hospital and home. It offers a service to patients who no longer require acute interventions but who are simply not well enough to be cared for optimally outside hospitals. Ten of the 14 day intensive program designed to help patients and families through this transition period yet many families are not able to raise funds for this essential step of the treatment program.

contribution of R500 ($ 60) for the treatment of a patient for one day offer a wide range of holistic care that is integral to healing. Medical Care Recovery Support opportunistic infections that may occur due to a weakened immune system and also prepares the patient to antiretroviral therapy. Physical rehabilitation allows faster recovery, and the council is being given to the care and treatment of HIV. caregivers spiritual support of family and patient throughout the stay, and provides support for issues relating to the acceptance of HIV status and psychosocial problems that arise from having a fatal disease.

Over the last two years McCord Hospital has admitted nearly 1,200 patients Siyaphila. The bed occupancy is currently about 50% but with assisted funding it could be increased to 100%, allowing much improved recovery in most patients.

Siyaphila helps people to be physically and psycho-social rehabilitated so that they can return home and function independently to resume their jobs and responsibilities, “said Dr. Henry Sunpath, chief of medicine at the Hospital McCord, a family physician and consultant in HIV medicine. “Before patients return home, staff Siyaphila ensure that patients’ families are prepared and equipped for patient care at home.”

For more information, or make a donation, go to the hospital McCord

Telephone contacts


Meryl Booth
+27 31 268 5869

Moodley Karen
+27 31 268 5828

Issued by

Kate Nelson
UNISA (University of South Africa) students
Africa Durban South


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