Lights Out For Bed Bugs as “BEST YET” Cedar Oil Solution Solves International Bed Bug Dilemma

The Woodlands, Texas (PRWEB) November 25, 2008

North America bedbug epidemic organic scientist Dave Glassel smiling. Mr. Glassel is president and founder of CedarCide Industries, Inc. located in The Woodlands, Texas. CedarCide Industries is a world leader in the formulation of organic products against insects. The best formulation yet been originally created for the United States Army for use in the eradication of sand fleas in the Middle East, but was quickly adopted by the hospitality industry to fight against the current epidemic bed bug that raged in North America.

cedar oil is pesticide own nature. It is the oldest method fight against insects known to man. Its use goes back as far as the Egyptians used cedar oil to mummify the bodies of their elites. Cedar Chests and Cedar Closets have been used for hundreds of years. CedarCide knew that if they could find a way to provide the cedar oil properly, the result would have a huge impact on pest management industry claims Glassel control. Mission accomplished years later and now internationally recognized. Better yet go down in history as the invention of insect control again. Never before has there been a formulation that respects the environment and without chemicals, which could provide a 100% mortality of parasites within sixty seconds Glassel stated in a recent interview with the Department of Defense. Better yet is now recognized by Health Canada as a treatment for bed bugs of choice for its cities like Toronto overwhelmed.

the hospitality industry, better still is a bargain suggests Dr. Ben Oldag, Senior Scientist Laboratories CedarCide. “It is more efficient, prudent or politically correct to expose humans to bedding and structures treated with the chemical synthesis,” said Oldag. In most parts of the country, the use of chemicals for treatment within the structures is prohibited. Because we were not killing these parasites for the past ten years why there are so many years. We now have an effective treatment solution that meets and exceeds the safety standards set by federal, state and local governments.

After 15 years of research, Mr. Glassel was indeed a solution. Last year, Iowa State University, commissioned by the USDA, the challenge of formulating a safe and nontoxic requested by the Armed Forces for the relief of sand fleas that plague our troops in the Middle mi. Glassel finally got the combination of cedar oil states with the help of a leader in the industry.
An expert in formulation

Dow-Corning work with our scientists on our cedar oil and wood products silicone Conservative refers to a carrier abandoned formula they had created for a large cosmetics company, said Dr Oldag. FDA EPA approved low molecular weight of the liquid, with minor modifications, has emerged as the ideal base for the cedar oil, the delivery of active ingredient molecules to a level so intense that insects die instantly when exposure. This is the magic that gives a 100% mortality in bed bugs, pests and other arthropods. It can be safely used on humans or animals of any age.
Delivery from online store

CedarCide Industries processing center in Houston, Texas, Mr. Glassel had little time to speak as he and his staff handle hundreds of orders each day from home and desperate pet owners domestic firms and host institutions to seek solutions to any bed bugs, fleas, ticks, mites, scorpions, fire ants and mosquitoes. Dozens of testimonials on the site CedarCide show even better efficiency.

the hotel industry, the parasites are a particularly sensitive topic. A senior manager in a prestigious hotel near LAX International Airport, who wished to remain anonymous, treated its 640 rooms with the product last year to fight against a severe bed bug infestation. We initially veiled in the total structure with your best. We’ll follow up spraying of beds and rooms once a month. Since this is not a chemical synthesis, a licensed applicator is not necessary. Our housekeeping and maintenance people do the treatments. We no longer need the services of an exterminator. “Better still is a policy of insurance bedbugs that we could not buy another product,” said the owner of hotels. This view is reflected nationally in the field of hospitality, apartment complexes, college dormitories, and consumers.

hotel manager in addition it has been in hospitality for over 25 years and had never seen the problem of bed bugs before. Laws prohibiting harmful organophosphate pesticides such as DDT, Dursban and Diazinon came into force a few years ago. Neurotoxins lower, mainly substance natural or synthetic pyrethroids have lost their effectiveness. All neurotoxins are banned in the United States in 2011. Major pesticide manufacturers are eager to find an effective solution GREEN. Boasting several biological patents, Mr. Glassel CedarCide Industries and seem to have the lights for millions of parasites.

CedarCide Industries is a manufacturer of active ingredients for insect control, agriculture, animal health, preservation of wood and plastics industry. Formulated products and ingredients are available under private labels or CedarCide. For more information or to order products by email at info (at) or call 1800842 1464. Order online at


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