Is Your Thyroid Robbing You of Your Sex Life?

Cordova, TN (PRWEB) February 16, 2006


The study, led by Dr. Emmanuele A. Jannini and associates at the University of L? Aquila in Italy, observed men with thyroid disorders, noting their sexual complications before treatment. The researchers then reassessed the problems after patients have received treatment for their thyroid disorders. Jannini? S recommendation after the study? All men with hypothyroidism or hyperactivity? Must be evaluated for sexual function.?

Here s what they found: before treatment, 64 percent of men with hypothyroidism showed problems with low libido, delayed ejaculation, and ED, each of which has disappeared or decreased significantly with treatment thyroid. In men with the opposite problem, hypothyroidism, over half had ED, while smaller percentages suffered from low sexual desire, delayed ejaculation, and / or premature ejaculation. After these men were treated for thyroid disease, premature ejaculation has decreased by nearly 30 percent, and other symptoms resolved in most men.

Selmedica Healthcare of Memphis, TN, men who experience sexual dysfunction should consider taking treatment for their thyroid disease, hypothyroidism Alvidar because they offer an all-natural blend of powerful botanical ingredients. The company says that Alvidar help repair, improve, and re-program the thyroid gland to run in top gear, without harsh chemicals or severe side effects. Selmedica Healthcare CEO Perry Belcher said? With a little help Alvidar, underactive thyroid doesn? T have to stand in the way of coital bliss.?



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