Indulge in Crisp Cotton Bedlinen this Summer – Lombok’s Guide to Buying Bedlinen

London, UK (PRWEB) July 22, 2009

If you are looking for a new set of bed linen will add a little luxury to your room, we’ve compiled some tips to get the most out of your purchase.

Choosing your bed linen

Choose a machine that is manufactured from 100% Egyptian cotton. The finest linens are made from this fiber. It will be more gentle on the skin and last longer than the lower fibers, which are prone to pilling and dull after a few washings. Cotton in its natural form is a wicking fiber which makes it very easy to wash and iron and help you stay cool during the sweltering hot summers.

thread counts can vary from 180 to 1000. The more strands woven into an inch of the finish fabric softer and more luxurious, you’ll be able to enjoy for years. Satin cloth with at least 300 or 400 son will make a big difference in the look and feel of your particular coverage. For a more textured finish and soft flannel cloth is ideal. Its surface is scanned after weaving to heat much more comfortable come the winter months.

How to dress to impress your bed

Here are some simple steps to dress your bed to feel as if you were in a five star hotel;

First place your fitted sheet on the bed.

Then, take a flat sheet and place on top, tucking the edges at the bottom and sides of the bed, but leaving the top half untucked.

Use a quilt or a bed throw with a thin to medium thickness to cover the sheet, and follow the contribution of the flat sheet clearly above and return all edges in bulk

Place 2 housewife pillow and 2 pillow Oxford side.

Add two large throw pillows with a rectangular cushion extra.

For the Cu r CE? resistance, garnish with fresh lavender or rose petals. How to fold a sheet

The dilemma

old school folding a fitted sheet can be easily tamed. Lay the sheet on a table or on the front fold. Fold the edges, then bring the edges of some new quarter. Fold in half and begin to fold like a normal flat sheet.

How to buy bed linen

Akoya new

Lombok and bed linen sets Mala launched just in time to freshen your room this summer. The complex design in taupe Akoya add a touch of the East with a modern twist. Made from 100% cotton and 300-inch son in this set is luxuriously soft and feels delightfully cool for summer nights hot and humid.


country charm more typically treat yourself and guests to all Mala. That delicate crochet trim detailing is both a taupe color and duck eggs to complete your bedroom furniture with elegance and style.

The Akoya

Mala sets and sheets are available in stores and online Lombok.


Hugo Rawlins

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