Herbal Premature Ejaculation Pill

There are some pills that you can see on the market to stop premature ejaculation. They are namely delay, climinax, ejaculatrol. On pills that are made to stop premature ejaculation, delay is considered the most effective pill of all. Delay not only help you to overcome premature ejaculation, but it helps you last longer in bed. The delay may help you to last five times longer on the bed when you use it before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Delay contains 100% herbal ingredients. It is an herbal supplement that has a high success rate. It will work for you most of the time. Numerous clinical trials have been conducted on couples using the delay to determine its success rate.

It gave a high success rate to 92%. 83% of subjects were cured of their problem of premature ejaculation permanently after completing a course of three months where they have fallen behind.

Delay Aid section of the sexual function of the body that is responsible for ejaculation. It acts on the part of the brain that causes men to enjoy. You get more of this product the first day of use. It gives you a physical check at the time of ejaculation without taking away your sensitivity. In addition to helping you overcome premature ejaculation, you’ll have more fun when you reach orgasm. Delay is safe to take, so it has no harmful side effect on the person who takes them.

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  8. milglobe says:

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  9. fredrico21 says:

    @TouchMeTherePlease best coment … ever…!

  10. nomorepe4me says:

    This si hilarious but PE is not. I had severe prosttitis and this type of cure was no good. My urologist got me involved with a clinical study on a non perscriptive medication called Promescent, it worked really well. I got a 3 month supply for participating and it shoul dbe avaialbe for sale tot he public soon. Promescent was godsend for me.

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