GeeWhiz Debuts, Sets New Standard for Treatment of Male Urinary Incontinence

Trabuco Canyon, CA (PRWEB) January 26, 2010?


( is a revolutionary health care, giving men with urinary incontinence a cutting edge option for the disposal of embarrassment. It makes adult diapers bulky obsolete Even better, Medicare covers the cost of geewhiz and supplies, so users never need out of pocket again.


ashamed, sometimes confined to men urinary problems, friends, rejection and social commitments. It also requires a heavy burden on spouses and caregivers who often have to clean up the mess stinking. Geewhiz is a non-invasive, catheter condoms 100 percent of silicone that wraps itself tightly around the sheath. Urinary incontinence is a barrier to a full and active life.


Paul Dwork, the inventor of geewhiz?,? Six years of research and development has led to two innovations that will change the industry of incontinence.?


is the first catheter that allows the flow of urine, even when the catheter is bent at 90 degrees. Even more exciting, the inventors made some geewhiz come equipped with QuickSnap single connector. A simple pressure allows a secure connection to a drainage bag. Change the collection bag during the day to night bag with ease. Navigation to the bathroom in the dark of the night is the leading cause of hip fractures in the elderly; geewhiz allows seniors sleep well in bed.

Its application is as easy as rolling on a condom. The 100% silicone catheter geewhiz snaps on and off easily. It provides protection for comfort and moisture all day and all night. Because the catheter is 100% silicone, it s? Not sticky or irritating. It s? As simple as 1,2,3. To view the easy instructions, visit

? You roll, roll and wrap. First, you wrap the silicone band around the limb. Second, you set the silicone catheter, by unrolling the condom. The final step is to wrap the band around the limb of security for added security, eliminating leaks. It s? The most reliable product on the market? Dwork said.

The main cause of people going into nursing homes and skilled nursing homes is incontinence. Families can no longer participate in the incontinence? S intense demand. Dwork a few e-mails that the initial test group sent? Geewhiz?, Gave me back my life. ? When I married, I don? T think? For better or worse? meant to change my husband? s layers.? Another wrote,? Geewhiz? the difference between his stay at home or moving to a managed care facility. Best of all, we no longer have the monthly cost of diapers. Medicare is the cost of geewhiz? products?


looking away from the challenges of adult diapers – odor nuisance, say that the changes and frequent popping? should consider geewhiz?.

n? t need a prescription to restore your life with geewhiz?. It s? Medicare and private insurance plans. It s? Are not sold in stores. To order a sample kit tester call toll free (800) 639-9323 or go online to order and direct


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