Eco-friendly Hotels Are More Green Than Ever

Kingman, AZ (PRWEB) October 11, 2005

You can keep at home, but how do you follow this philosophy on the road when it is beyond your control? Or is it? Staying in an eco-hotel, also known as the Housing Green is a way to respect your point of view.

Hotels around the world are massive consumers of water and waste producers. It was at the hotel to set their own policies and practices on how they deal with the environment. Of course, you change the sheets after having houseguests, but did you change your sheets every day on your own bed? Many hotels, even those that are not otherwise a green hotel, give you the ability to reuse all your bedding to your hotel for a few nights. It is usually done by positioning a card left in the room or leaving towels and sheets in a particular way. Or you can just throw the towels on the floor if you want to wash them every time they are used. We all felt like the abrasive paper towels in some channels so maybe it would actually help keep a towel over as well.

hotel can use fluorescent bulbs, which do not waste much of their energy producing heat like incandescent bulbs do. This change is saving money the most important on the large electricity bill. Fluorescent bulbs also rarely need to be replaced, saving green hotel maintenance and more electricity. An ecological hotel policy may conserve water and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide gas.

many common cleaning products can be dangerous for both consumers and the environment, so a green hotel can use environmentally friendly products similar to the lines of consumption by Seventh Generation ( or Ecover (http: / /.

“Most customers do not know or pay close attention to what happens behind closed doors in the back rooms, but they can feel better to stay in a place that cares about their well-being and environment, “says Adam Longfellow of, a directory of hotel accommodation worldwide with a focus on green lodging ( htm). “Perhaps only the owners or staff who feel strongly about these issues, but customers are becoming more careful about what as soon as possible. The hard part is finding properties that have implemented the good practice. We made a priority of helping with that information. “

Going to Green Lodging

not be more expensive. It will most likely save the ecological hotel lot of money every year. They could save up to 40 percent on energy bills with another 20 percent savings on water bills and waste. And from the standpoint of the consumer, there are eco-hotels in all price ranges. From a small bed and breakfast in a luxury hotel, you can find something to make you sleep easier at night.

Almost every aspect of accommodation can be improved for customers and the environment. Most of what can save money as well and it is an ingredient in the foundation of any change in the world. Hotels can go green from the ground up if they are built more efficiently from the start. The building orientation to the sun to the use of the environment and local building materials. Instead of watering a lawn plain, fruit and vegetables in water that can be given to the guests. Or use natural landscaping that requires no extra watering at all. Better use of technology and insulation can mean to reduce bills and a quieter guests. Hotels can use little or no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) paints for a healthier indoor. Provide recycling bins for customers to use for a statement makes it more visible. Purchase “energy star” ( appliances whenever possible is good for all and saves on electricity bills. Use solar water heaters and pool pumps. Provide maps, information on public transportation and things within walking distance encourages less consumption of fuel. Skylights can save on energy and to provide more pleasant public spaces. Use Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights whenever possible, such as signage and lights out at night. They use almost no electricity and thousands of hours past.

If this can become more of a trend, everyone will benefit. Look for a green hotel during your next trip. You may or may not find one where you need to sleep, but it’s worth a moment to check first. Learn about environmental policies and show appreciation to the staff when you see green policies in the implementation.

What is next? Maybe a car rental company can start renting hybrid cars on a large scale., online since 2000 and based in Arizona (USA), lists all kinds of accommodation, bed & breakfast for yoga retreats and luxury hotels, from primitive campgrounds to motels , haunted hotels and spa resorts. AllStays also links directly to official sites to ensure you have the scoop on the latest information and accurate around the world.

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