Causes Of Premature Ejaculation

Article by Thomas Martin

You’ve probably spent a lot of time wondering why you have premature ejaculation. It seems so unfair, is not it? These guys in porn movies are pushing for hours, and here you are, desperate to make love with skill and please your partner, and yet you continue to have the same old end premature ejaculation two minutes (or 30 seconds, or before entering his or another). So just what is causing your premature ejaculation?

Well, there are actually many causes of premature ejaculation.
The leading cause of premature ejaculation – anger and tension in the relationship

If you have underlying anger at your partner – or women in general – then you’re not likely to be comfortable with her. Some therapists say that men ejaculate quickly when they are angry in order to “punish” their partner. But this is not the case. Premature ejaculation occurs because emotional responses are an angry man on red alert, so it is ready to explode at the slightest provocation. Unfortunately, this is also true for gender as for road rage

The second leading cause of premature ejaculation -. Fear

This is the fear of sex, or fear of women. This will be a problem for a man raised by a dominant woman over-supply which, at some level, like a frightened boy. Intimacy with a woman who is scary for such a man, because he feared that his soul may be taken over or invaded by women. So to avoid intimacy, his mind decided to reduce the Sexual Encounter – premature ejaculation and the result is inevitable.

The third cause of premature ejaculation – you want to be somewhere else

Now for this cause of premature ejaculation, you must be honest with yourself. Would you rather be somewhere other than your partner and inside her vagina? If the answer is yes, look no further for the cause of your premature ejaculation

The fourth leading cause of premature ejaculation -. You’re too sexually aroused

If you move too quickly to be awake to the “point of no return” – is when you go to ejaculate and nothing can stop it – you never last long in bed. You have a problem with premature ejaculation, because your body has not learned to manage high sexual arousal without ejaculation answer. Some people say it’s because teenagers learn to masturbate until to orgasm as quickly as possible and, later in life they can not change their habits of rapid ejaculation. Maybe.. Maybe not

But I do know one thing – you can change the response of your body to the excitement high. You can learn to push your penis in a warm, wet vagina as long as you want before ejaculation occurs. You do not need to have ejaculation premature. You can control when you ejaculate and bring it on when you choose to do so – by accelerating the pace and intensity of your vagina thrust so that you will “on the edge” when it suits you

L ‘. fifth leading cause of premature ejaculation – you never know when you’re going to come, and in order not to slow down your push to avoid ejaculation

lovers long to recognize the signals of their body that sends them on how they are sexually aroused, and when they feel they are close to ejaculation, they slow down or stop their push in ways that do not have a premature ejaculation. But a lot of guys that come too fast do not recognize the signals their body is sending, so they go merrily on pushing and – oops! another premature ejaculation. The great thing about this case of ejaculation premature, that is the easiest of the lot to correct. There are many training methods that will do it for you quickly and easily.

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