Aiko Luxury Linens Announces Fine European Custom Bedding is No Longer Just for the Rich and Famous

Miami, FL (PRWEB) November 16, 2005

Luxury Linens Aiko ( has selected several European manufacturers who produce quality, stylish clothes customized for the U.S. consumer.


caused a passion through the ages and cultures. At the Court of Versailles Queen Marie Leszczynska, wife of Louis XV, owned 50 pairs of sheets, pillow cases 18, 16 and bedspreads. One hundred years later the bunch recommended for a young Italian girl of aristocratic descent “dodici di tutto” – 12 in all. A well-stocked linen closet is a sign of wealth and prestige.

European textile manufacturers selected by Aiko linens produce designs ranging from elegant classicism to modern simplicity, and reflect a time when craftsmanship was highly valued.

HELLO SWITZERLAND: The original textile mill was established near Zurich, Switzerland in 1833 and now produces millions of yards of fabric per year. The selection includes 60 colors for luxury bedding satin, jacquard prints and breathtaking that can be mixed and matched. A favorite from the 2005 collection is “Loraine”, an impressive design floral pink and bright blue hot.

Christian Fischbacher

CUSTOM BEDDING: This company began in the early 19th century in St. Gallen, Switzerland. It has since become a global player in custom luxury bedding with a reputation for expert tailoring and ultra-modern designs. They hand paint their original designs, inspired by art or nature, and translate them into textile form. The color palette includes 44 colors vibrant longer 100% cotton sateen fiber Egyptian and embroidered pure linen (Purolino) that could convince anyone to get over 8 hours of sleep.

COTTIMARYANNE Fine Linens: Embroidery is the decoration of the world’s oldest textile as evidenced by the Babylonian and Assyrian sculptures. Cottimaryanne, founded in 1974 by Valerio Cotti and his wife Mariela in the center of the Museum of Florence, Italy continuing the tradition of classic elegance embroidered linens. Cottimaryanne wide selection includes a masterpiece of fancy embroidery called “Fenicia” that invokes all the romance and mystery of the Italian Renaissance.


TIMAS: needle lace was invented in Venice, and was all the rage in European courts until the 19th century. He dressed in clothes, sheets, tablecloths and napkins. Timas Fine Custom Bedding, located on the Adriatic coast, produced in the cotton sheets from 400 to 700 per inch Egyptian son with lace inserts ethereal and towels and bathrobes with matching custom commands. The delivery time for these elegant linens is 6 weeks, but for immediate gratification, selected drawings in stock.

We live in an era of mass production, consumption disposabability fast and easy.

For people who still value quality over quantity Aiko Luxury Linens ( is pleased to offer items of lasting value and lasting pleasure.

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