10 Reasons To Buy A Somma Air Bed

Mesquite, NV (PRWEB) June 6, 2006

With the increasing popularity of raised beds Air, many people who have bought the conventional coil springs and mattresses are more about the benefits of a quality mattress . So, to help consumers interested in knowing what all the hype is about, we’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons to make your next purchase of an air bed mattress Somma.

1) Somma air beds are designed to improve the air? s natural advantages, cradling the contours of your body like a cloud and sky meet all your travel.

2) Somma Air Beds digital controls let you adjust the support of either side of your air bed with dual air chambers that create a personalized sleep environment for you and your partner at a touch of a button. Couple should compromise on a mattress.

3) No more squeaky steel springs that emerge, and with all the products you toss and turn, when steel coil springs and age, they begin to bend and flex. Somma Air Beds with it s? Not worry about it and you sleep so sound, tossing and turning will be a thing of the past.

4) Research has shown that many back and neck aches are caused by a mattress that does not comply with pressure points leading to the body. Using the Somma? S Air Support Technology, you can adjust your air mattress to fit the contours of your body, allowing correct spinal alignment.

5) As we grow and age from adolescence to adulthood, we will continue to change, causing different demands on our bodies. Somma Air Beds have the versatility to fit your body and provide more adequate, ongoing support.

6) You spend 1 / 3 of your life sleeping, why not do it on AIR! Sleep more soundly and wake up more refreshed! Somma air beds have the seal of approval certifying that the ASRI Somma Air beds have been tested and approved by the American Sleep Research Institute for “Superior Performance of sleep.”

7) Somma Air Beds will last longer than the coil springs and mattresses to sleep with the air, flipping your mattress is a chore of the past. Coil spring mattress will make a footprint in the coils of the body if you fail to return your mattress regularly, leading to shorter mattress life. Although the delayed materials and comfort in an air mattress raised may take an impression, like any soft material, the tubes will not, leading to years of hassle free operation.

8) If unexpected problems occur with your bed Somma Air, you can replace the part in question under warranty and extend the life of your air bed. With a coil spring mattress, once you have a problem in the whole mattress is ruined and must be replaced.

9) Somma Air Bed Sleep Systems will justify their air mattresses for 20 years. You won? T find this on a coil and spring mattresses.

10) earth and sky that makes Somma Air Beds is a company with over 30 years experience in product innovation, including the quality of sleep over 40 patents and was recognized in the world internationally as an industry leader and technology of sleep. The result is sleep systems that combine therapeutic benefits and comfort.

SO? Why sleep on coils and springs, where you can sleep on Air.

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