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premature ejaculation can be a very difficult problem for the couple where the man is afflicted with it. At the heart of the problem is a case where a man is unable to refrain from ejaculation, that is, to control his ejaculation, so it ends up ejaculating before he met his wife sexually
Sometimes it can be. so bad that the man ejaculates in fact when he gets inside his wife before having had the opportunity to “do something for her. The “best” cases are those where a man is able to stay inside the woman for several minutes before ejaculating.
But it is not really better, because they only serve to increase sexual arousal in women, and then not resolve the excitement, leaving her hanging and frustrated.

It is from this backdrop, then, that men who happen to find themselves suffering from premature ejaculation want to know if it is somehow possible to stop premature ejaculation. And the answer is largely yes, it is possible to stop premature ejaculation. The patient, depending on what is causing the problem, a number of treatment options at his disposal to stop premature ejaculation. They include those in the fields of sexology , andrology, urology and psychology , and the eastern systems such as Taoism and Tantra , who all been known to help men stop premature ejaculation. Let us briefly examine each of these.

is the area that offers some of the best ways to stop premature ejaculation is a problem that falls squarely within his specialty. This is particularly true in cases of premature ejaculation caused by what can be described as “psycho-factors’ that is the case in most cases. Although this is not the case, a sex therapist’s office would be “first port of call ‘a product from which references to other specialists who can contribute to end premature ejaculation are made. It would, after determining that the problem is not in fact due to the factors mentioned psychosexual.

As a sexologist, a psychologist tries to cure premature ejaculation by addressing the psychosocial factors behind the problem. But the psychologist is even better equipped to stop premature ejaculation, where it appears to be rooted in deep psychological trauma, as is often the case with some of the most serious incidents of premature ejaculation. Trauma, the victim is often unaware of consciousness, usually require intensive psychotherapy – the kind that only a psychologist can provide highly skilled -. Before being committed to stop premature ejaculation

Andrology is a specialty
relatively new and unknown to medicine, which deals with “questions of male” to a very sophisticated, in much the same way that deals with the gynecological “women’s issues.” Andrology, where practitioners are specialized doctors, may be particularly useful to stop premature ejaculation in cases where it is caused by abnormalities in male hormone. andrologist One may also help cure premature ejaculation where he is being caused by failures of the penis.

is the area that was traditionally left to address issues of male before the birth of more specialized andrology. It may still be useful when trying to last longer in bed, as if not andrologist can be displayed (andrologists tend to be rare). It can also help end premature ejaculation in cases which were clearly identified as being within its sphere, such as those caused rooted in inflammation of the urethra and prostrate

Taoism and Tantra These Eastern philosophies have their own approach on how they can help with premature ejaculation. There have been cases with the Using guidance system reform, people were said to have cured a very bad impact of premature ejaculation.

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treat all sexual problems and dysfunction throughout my career, we have focused our interest on premature ejaculation. The main reason is that the most common sexual problem and probably the least processed. Over the years we have accumulated extensive knowledge and helped people around the world last longer in bed.

Jaiya, author of Red Hot TOuch, explains how men can master their orgasms and learn how to control the ejaculatory response.
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  1. TheDoubletop11 says:

    @woodengun yes THANKS A LOT!

  2. mrowneduhard says:

    I masturbated for the first time and I comed in like 2m! Is this a problem or am I to young still….? I’m 14 almost 15… Someone smart please help me?

  3. watchaeso1 says:

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  4. curingpe says:

    End Premature Ejaculation
    Free Tips, Info, Product Reviews.
    Everything Premature Ejaculation.

  5. mmlkoire says:

    that helped me a lot
    my time went form 40 seconds to 10 minutes.
    thnxxxxx a lot jaiya

  6. BassKidd14 says:

    i dont want my gf to clap wen i ejaculate cuz that feels lik wen i first used the potty and my mom was clapping lol

  7. thrashupyourazz says:

    @manatarms79 that is very helpful, basically work on orale with her first then start the whole process then do orale again if you feel it coming!

  8. funatall20s says:

    it’s interesting that a woman knows better than every other man doctors i’ve ever visited

  9. drpkenny says:

    This was super helpful for me, Sleepy Williamson. I appreciate it a lot!

  10. MrAkihiro47 says:

    my gf so tight i couldn’t hold it when having sex with her.
    once i started pounding her on a missionary position, it’ll only last like 30seconds
    and boom! she said she can feel my hot cum inside her

  11. inferneet says:

    can Premature Ejaculation cure itself if it is caused by a lot of masturbation

  12. manatarms79 says:

    During intercourse, when I feel ready to come sooner than I wanted. I will stop pull out, and find an excuse. Like I’ll say to her “lets try it doggy style now” or something. Some excuse for a breather, this causes my urge to reside. This helps me go longer, and when I feel it come soon again. I’ll just repeat, maybe try to use my hands on her, until I feel it reside, and I’ll go in again. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy coming at the same time with her.

  13. jonesb05 says:

    i would love to have sex with her

  14. Diosukekun says:

    lol, how would she know? wtf ^^

  15. unclezam says:

    I am using a special soap – Adam’s by myidaman. Apply the soap to genital for 2 minutes and viola ..It is ready for action, my partner love it as it is clean and prolong my intimacy time.

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