Premature Ejaculation Myths

If you’re like me and you have suffered from premature ejaculation (PE) as long as you remember, then the simple words “stop / start” and “squeeze” probably make you want to run up on the roof, raise your arms to the sky, and scream at the top of your lungs: “I am furious and I’m not going to take this more”

It’s because for the last 30 years, doctors, therapists and other experts have recommended that these “simple” techniques – and squeeze on / off – as an effective way to cure PE. But as long as I practice as a therapist’s sex, which is over a decade now, the guy told me in no uncertain terms, that these techniques do not work, these techniques are among the many myths premature ejaculation
I can understand. The only reason I even became a sex therapist because of my struggle to “overcome” EP. I learned the hard way what works and what does not. A woman got so fed up I went to all my stop and start it yelled: “Jesus, what do we do – car parking or having sex” And as far as press goes, give me a break: try to stop the accumulation of arousal and to avert the geyser ejaculation with slight pressure from the head of the penis is like trying to plug the BP oil spill with a few gobs of toilet paper – totally useless

I’m an “expert” and I say screw the experts. ” Most of them have not experienced the hell of PE, and if they have, then they know they lie when they recommend just a few simple steps to remedy the situation and they should be ashamed of themselves. I have dedicated my life to understanding PE and help guys with her

Here are four myths premature ejaculation I learned the truth about:.

Myth 1 – PE decreases with age

The vast majority of men who suffer chronically from PE. They have never known any other way, and it does not get better with age. In fact, it is often worse. It is not uncommon for an older guy struggling with PE and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Myth 2 – fast masturbation training masturbation PEhabitudes

poor have nothing to do with the EP. I used to buy into this line of thought – the idea that the guys with PE masturbated too fast and have trained their bodies to ejaculate easily – but studies show that the guy with the EP does not do things differently from boys without PE when it comes to masturbation, and penis sensitivity is substantially the same.

Myth 3 – “Stop / start” working techniques

Not only are such techniques as “stop / start” it, they often make things worse. Think about it: As a guy with PE, What you mainly want to accomplish? To last longer? Sure. But why? Want pleasure of a woman and help her reach orgasm. For a woman to orgasm, she needs to be able to relax, disconnect and let go. Studies have shown that some parts of the female brain associated with stress and anxiety really need to turn off during sex. If she is afraid that you say “stop” in 15 seconds, there is no way she’ll have an orgasm.

Myth 4 – PE is treatable

PE is not curable – is manageable. Men with PE have a brain chemistry that predisposes to PE. In this sense, PE is a genetic disease. Just as there are genetic birth defects, PE may be a genetic defect of sex. Personally, I found that taking a low dose of an SSRI antidepressant like Paxil has contributed significantly, because the SSRIs have a side effect of delaying ejaculation. They also have other side effects, but in my case, the advantage of be able to last longer far outweighed the negatives. I did not stay on drugs forever, and although I find that when I went off and it was harder to last longer, my time on SSRIs gave me the chance to develop some confidence and learn new skills sex.

These skills great emphasis on sex oral sex – as discussed in my book She Comes First – and what I call “sex positions perpendicular”, which involves having sex with an accent on the upper surface of the penis, as opposed to the sensitive underside.

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