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I was probably like you, when it comes to sex I was a wreck embarrassed! Had I not destroy my chances by telling the girl that I had a problem, I did when we had sex.


I saw many people say they only last 2 minutes and have a problem, but what about only 2 shots! Yep it was me, it was horrible, a complete embarrassment, and left me very depressed!


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Only had the same pill proven method, or advice on thinking about a math problem during sex. None of it worked for me, instead he just made things worse.

I knew there must be a way, a method that would not even need drugs or mind games, he had to be a reasonable way, that would save this nightmare end. I am pleased to say that my research paid off!


Now, happily married for almost 9 years, I thought it was time I sent some of the best techniques that made me take as long as I wanted, I got the girl my dreams, and kept his happiness


How to last longer in bed! – Techniques

Now, I’m not a Dr., so it’s always a good start to ask your doctor about these early techniques. If you’re ready, here are some impressive techniques you can start right away on

How to last longer in bed Tip 1:. Exercising the Right Muscle

I will not talk about what you think here, we’ll come back later;)>

Have you ever been in a public toilet, or were at home and for some reason you need to stop urination mid flow ? If so, is the muscle we’ll work with.


If you have not had this happen to you, try to stop urinating mid-flow the next time you urinate, once you do, notice the feeling of where the muscle is that it has ceased, and continue to urinate.


Once you have this muscle and depression, all you have to do is to exercise this muscle as you would a bicep. You do not need to do it while you pee all the time, I recommend against that, but you can do while watching TV or walking outside, in fact, anywhere you want. The best thing is, nobody has a clue!


Do this exercise for 2 sets of 10 repetitions at first, then increase as you get better.


How to last longer in bed Tip 2: Practice masturbating


If you apply how to last longer in bed for a tip, you can practice this technique during you masturbate, try to last as long as you can, and if you feel the need to ejaculate try the technique of muscle and record your progress.

With the confidence that the first technique gives you, you will notice after a while an increase in endurance and confidence.


How to last longer in bed Tip 3: Keep It Inside


Another trick to help you last longer in bed is not to push when you feel the sensation of ejaculation, hold your penis at the back and instead use your hips to massage your clitoris partners in a circular motion with your penis still deep inside.

It’s not only keeps the tip of your penis that has all the nerve endings stimulated far from over, but because you’re applying pressure contact with your body on her clitoris, it is always at the height of ecstasy, even when the rest of the thrust. Once the sensation of ejaculation is gone, push again smoothly


How to last longer in bed Tip No. 4:. Turn To Preliminaries

how to last longer in tip number 4 beds is a technique very few women that love, if you find yourself close to ejaculation and nothing seems else to work again, leverage for foreplay until you recover.

If you catch it right you can do this time after time, and most of the time the girl will love. What other people love the preliminaries, virtually no rights, they just want to have sex and do. But you can hide your problems and look like the greatest lover in the world, all at the same time


How to last longer in bed Tip 5:. Working on your mind

I will not tell you the thinking on mathematics while having sex work, but your mind does play a role in last longer in bed. Once you apply the above techniques, over time and because you start seeing the results of your mind changes and do not fill your head with nonsense about durable! Only 2 minutes

You begin to build confidence and things start to change for you! After a while you are so sure you do not need to apply these techniques more. . But if that inner voice begins to return, you now have the tools to cope again

Not only did you learn techniques that will help you last longer in bed, but you also learned to apply certain techniques to your partner will leave them surprised you

Always remember that it’s not just the sexual side of us guys who still need to work on Part romance is always good too.




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