How to Last Longer in Bed – Tips Guaranteed to Work!

Article by Garry Firminite

Learn to last longer in bed is definitely not magic, every man can learn. Okay, trying to take more than 2 minutes and seconds can be a very difficult thing for many men to do it – women can be pretty unforgiving if they discover that you consistently fail in the bag

So the best thing to do is follow one of the tips in this article on How to last longer in bed and you’ll be on your way to have great sex without coming too soon.

Use desensitizing lotions, creams and desensitization
Applying lotions, creams, sprays and lotions on the penis before sex will help you last longer in bed especially when we like to take the position very sexual stimulant that can lead to unload your “stuff” before you and your partner wishes. Products desensitization simply numb the penis so that you can last longer while having sex with your partner.

boost endurance Eat foods
Yup, eating foods that will help you increase your endurance is another way to last longer in bed. A good example of food you should eat for sexual stamina is blueberries. Eat a handful of these fruit once or twice a week and you’re sure to see the results. Blue berries contain vitamins and nutrients that will help you last longer in the bedroom. Other foods that help increase your sexual stamina include: • • Celery

• Sauerkraut • Licorice • Oats

• Ginger Figures

• • • linen

sexual position
You may not like the numbing effect of desensitizing the products, it is So you better take a particular position of sex that will help you. Did you know that you get a lot of feeling in the upper part of your penis? Then, to avoid ejaculating within seconds after entering your partner by simply putting your penis deep in her – make sure she finds enjoyable. Then gently grind your hips. By doing this, two things will happen:
1. You will last much longer in bed
2. and it will stimulate the clitoris with your wife – she will definitely love how it feels

You see, learning how last longer in bed is not as hard as you thought! it was.

Taking supplements of the male sex
Taking supplements like male Firminite is also an effective way to last longer in bed. In fact, you only need one tablet of Firminite last you three whole days! Think about it, you give your partner “really good love” whenever it so requests and where she wants it! With this product, you should expect the following way: •
intense orgasms Erections Fast

• • • Rock
sexual stamina penis erect – all the time, every time!
• Increase sperm production

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