Back to School Buying Season in Full Swing; Elegant Linens of Park City Offers Hard to Find Dorm Room Bedding

Back to school buying season in full swing; Elegant Linens of Park City offers hard to find Dorm Bedding

Park City, UT (PRWEB) August 7, 2006

return to racing school is high speed, but before charging ahead with the purchase of items needed to equip your dorm students, it is useful to consider how this money can be better spent. Here’s a statistic from the National Retail Federation: In 2005, Americans spent more than $ 2.6 billion on the back to school shopping for dorm rooms and apartments. According to the annual back to school survey conducted by Myvesta, a consumer organization non-profit education, Americans spend an average $ 200 more this year on the cost of returning to school, 33 percent will be spent on supplies dorm previous years. Naturally, these families are seeking more money for their decoration. Designing a successful house on campus has become the first test of college life.

College students want their rooms to be a reflection of who they are, but at the same time it is a small space, so it is best to start with the basics. The key to equip a dormitory centers on its largest piece of furniture: the bed, in most dorms is a double extra long. largest investment the student will probably be the comforter, sheets, pillows and a blanket. The bed also provides a great way to reflect the personality of the student. Faced with the transition from home to school will be a little easier for your students when they look good bedding, durable and comfortable that remind them of home. Many advisers counsel college life value can be obtained by investing in better clothes to do it for four years through school and beyond.

Elegant Linens of Park City offers hard to find bedding sizes and bedding for dorms made to fit both regular and extra-long double bed ( / Hard-to-find-sizes.htm). The twin extra long fitted sheets measure 39 “x 80” to accommodate the very long mattress common to college and university dormitory housing. They have extra long twin bed sheets with pocket depths of 10 to 17 inches to ensure proper fit. Jump to for more information on dorm sizes of sheets. Elegant Linens is also on the leaves with a shallow pocket 11-inch beds made to fit the platform or loft in many off-campus apartments. Durable and stylish 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet covers will really make a difference in the look and feel of dormitory bed for your child – a haven of peace, his home away from home. Investment in better quality sheets and bedding seems a wise decision when you stop to consider the advantage of buying the best, just once. Although bedding is machine last longer and more comfort at a time it will be most appreciated.

Remember duvets and blankets to coordinate your entire dorm bedding. A down comforter with duvet cover reversible offer the greatest versatility in both looks and comfort, providing cozy warmth in cooler temperatures yet easily adjustable for varying climates. Elegant Linens carries a wide variety of duvet covers in bright colors and popular styles among students today. It is a great way to brighten up a small space and reflect the particular style – and provide a welcoming, inspiring them to review and socialize. Pillows provide strong support for overworked brains, and blankets and throws in 100% Egyptian cotton, merino wool or cashmere Mongolian provide acceptable light and warmth to relax after mid-terms and finals.

It is important to make a dorm room a reflection of the unique style of the student and the most comfortable place to live and work he can be. Elegant Linens offers a variety of bedding choices tailored to customize a space for creativity and personal style. And once the basics are covered, the fun begins. Visit Elegant Linens today to check all the ways they can help make college life of the wonderful experience that is supposed to be.


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