Affordable Comfort with Special Offer from Empire Stores

Comfort at affordable prices with a special offer from Empire Stores

(UK PRWeb) August 23, 2010


It is important to change bedding weekly to protect family members against allergies caused by mites and synthetic materials. Allergens are less likely to occur from natural fibers and special anti-allergy bedding such as pillows, duvets and pillows. For extra protection, invest in mattress too, especially in children’s bedrooms, like most allergies begin in childhood.

family with big new quilts as they can lose their brightness over time, leading to heat loss during winter. If a quilt is made from synthetic materials, it can easily disintegrate as pieces break off, leading to discomfort. Often, the pen is down a popular choice because it promises luxury, warmth and lasts longer than synthetic duvets.

prepare for the colder months ahead with luxury duvet sets and duvet covers. Scatter pillows and throws are a good way to create multiple layers in the room and throughout your home. The current trend is chic bedding campaign, which means that soften pastel rooms on cold gray days. It also includes layers of blankets embroidered and crocheted offering a welcoming atmosphere.

This trend may not necessarily extend to children’s rooms that cartoon characters are the latest fashion. Create a theme to look a child in the room with some exciting new litter of children. They are the envy of their friends by adding theme and a color-coded pads that can come in handy for sleepovers.

trends change so rapidly that it may be wise to invest in bedding sets that include a sheet, duvet and pillows matching. This reduces the cost of buying all these pieces individually and is also a great way to encourage a change of clothes more regularly. Although bedding sets offer the same benefit, they do not include a leaf and often the sheet and pillowcase are the key elements that can harbor allergens and should be changed more often.
Visit to find more information about their “buy one get one free” offers. Buy one of the items on offer and receive a free item identical. Protect your family against the cool nights ahead and will start paying in July 2011.



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